Diamond CMX Trading Corporation

In Partnership with Takigami Steel Construction Co. Ltd. and TAC Corporation of Japan

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Our Mission

To provide high-quality but cost-efficient materials and equipment necessary in the construction and/or repair of roads and bridges in the Philippines;

Our Goal

We strive to supply the country with the best asphalt additives and other similar products in the hopes of improving not only the roads but ultimately the traffic as well.

Our Aim

We envision to contribute to improving the the roads that connect the Filipino community, thus making their lives a little better, one road at a time.

Our Business

Established in June 2016, the Diamond CMX Trading Corporation is a fairly new company but its product offerings have long been existing in the international market.

Diamond CMX brings to the Philippines the famous road construction and repair products that were only available in Japan before. Since its inception in 2016, Diamond CMX has now grown into an innovative market player that is driven by its strong commitment to integrity and public service.

Cutting-Edge Pavement Technology for a Progressive Future 

We truly believe that our durable and cost-efficient product offerings can be the answer to our nation’s current need for high-quality but low-cost repair solutions. We hope to be your partner in bringing the future of pavement technology to the Philippines.

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